Coding Classes Made Just For Teens

Our High School Coding Program, for Grades 9-12, is made to help teens learn real-world programming languages and build a portfolio of cool projects that helps them stand out in the college application process.

How Our High School Coding Program Works

The structure of our online coding classes for kids and the 24/7 support engages students to learn, have fun, and develop skills over time while parents stay informed of their progress.

  • New students start at Intro to Python
  • Students graduate each class in 12 weeks
  • Students graduate each Wizard Level in 1 academic year (3 classes)
  • Students complete a capstone project in each Wizard Level
  • Advanced placement is available for students with previous coding experience
Program Start
Wizard Level I
Capstone I Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game
Wizard Level II

Object Oriented Programming

Django MVC Framework

Artificial Intelligence with Python

Capstone II Computer Vision
Wizard Level III

Data Structures & Algorithms

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing

Capstone III Bots
GraduationReal-world Internship
Wizard Level I
Wizard Level I

These are challenging and engaging classes where students explore professional-level development in Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and more!

Capstone I
Capstone I: Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game

What if we could go inside a game to play it? Yes, the future is here, you can put a headset over your eyes and get teleported to a virtual world. In this course, students practice their skills in web development by creating an online multiplayer Virtual Reality game.

Wizard Level II
Wizard Level II

Students get an exciting look into advanced Python development and concepts like software development and artificial intelligence.

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Django MVC Framework
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Capstone II: Computer Vision
Capstone II
Capstone II: Computer Vision

Teach computers how to see and identify real-world objects using artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this 12-week capstone course students practice their skills in AI & ML by creating an app that uses computer vision to interact with the world around its user.

Wizard Level III
Wizard Level III

Students will take a deep dive into future technologies and learn how to talk to machines.

  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Machine Learning & Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Capstone III: Bots
Capstone III
Capstone III: Bots

Create intelligent bots to help you in your studies using different bots APIs that are available. Students will use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create useful bots for messengers, Google Home, or Alexa.

Class Schedule

All students start in Intro to Python at Wizard Level I. If you have previous coding experience, take the Advanced Placement test. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off.

  • Intro to Python (CLASS FULL)
    on Wednesdays (12 weeks, 1 class per week)
  • Intro to Python
    on Sundays (12 weeks, 1 class per week)
  • Intro to Python
    on Mondays (12 weeks, 1 class per week)
  • Intro to Python
    on Saturdays (12 weeks, 1 class per week)

Summer programs now available! 3-week summer classes are starting June 8, July 6, and August 3.
See details and enroll to save your spot.

Advanced Placement

Some students may have already been introduced to the world of coding. We have a placement test to move ahead in our program so they begin at the right level.

Returning Students

Welcome back! You can easily pick up from exactly where you left off in our program. Complete the enrollment form and a team member will contact you shortly. 

Meet our Teachers

Discover the difference our talented teachers make.

Questions? We Are Here to Help.

Easy answers to some common questions.

What course should I start with?

The first course depends on your child’s grade level. See the Elementary (Grades 3-5)Middle (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12) Program pages. All students start in the first class of the program at Wizards Level I and, as they graduate each class, move to the next class and Wizard Level. Returning students can continue with the class where they left off. Advanced placement is also available if your child has previous coding experience. Learn more about the full curriculum and enroll to get started.

What technology do we need for class?

To attend class your child will only need: 1) A computer with a keyboard, microphone, and speaker – almost all laptops bought within the last five years ago should have these; 2) A web browser installed, like Chrome (recommended) or Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer; and 3) A reliable internet connection. Bonus, a headset is helpful so students can keep their hands free, but it isn’t required. See our full curriculum.

Is there homework? Grading?

Every class has weekly homework assignments to supplement class time. There are also quizzes, reviews, and exercises to show mastery of the material. We do not assign grades but do recognize our student’s successes. We report the completion of assignments to parents on a weekly basis. See our full curriculum.

What if my child misses a class?

All class sessions are recorded. These, along with class slides, are made available to the student shortly after the class is over. Students can review the recorded session and slides before the next class if they are absent. They also have access to help on the community board from other students, direct messaging with teachers, and complimentary office hours for additional support.

How much does a course cost?

All classes meet for 12 sessions with an associated cost of $149 per 4 class sessions unless specified otherwise. At no additional cost, students get 24/7 direct-messaging support from teachers, live office hours, access to our online student community, and weekly progress reports. See our full pricing details.

Can I enroll after a class has started?

Yes! We accept late enrollments for any class until the beginning of the second session. Enroll today.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQ page.

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