Coding Classes for High School Students

If you are looking for a high-level coding class for high school students, then you are in the right place. We teach real-world, text based programming to students using a live, instructor-led online class.

Students start by building fun, interactive projects while learning fundamental programming principles. It also lays a strong foundation for tackling AP computer science in high school.

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Class Highlights

Real-world coding skills (no drag and drop)
Interactive classes with hands-on coding exercises
Project based curriculum and learning approach
Innovative instructor-led online classes
Small class size (6-8 students per instructor)
Beginner Friendly (no prior coding experience needed)
Weekly parent updates on student progress
Join a community of kids learning to code
Get certified in 12-weeks


Grades 6th – 10th
Enthusiasm and Interest!


Week 1 – Introduction to Programming
Week 2 – Data Types & Variables
Week 3 – Functions
Week 4 – If/Else & Relational Operators
Week 5 – Loops
Week 6 – Arrays
Week 7 – Logical Operators
Week 8 – Return Statements
Week 9 – Arithmetic Operators
Week 10 – Math Functions
Week 11 – Certification Project – Part 1
Week 12 – Certification Project – Part 2

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How does it work?

Students attend live, instructor-led online classes from the convenience of your home.


$149/Month. 3 Payments per Course. Fees include:
 12 classes of 1-hour each
Code editor software subscription
Web hosting & Server space
24/7 instructor email support
Weekend live 1×1 office hours

There is no contract. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. There is no cancellation fees.

  30-Day Money Back Guarantee : Start risk-free. You can notify us anytime within the next 30-days and receive a full refund of your fees. Enroll Now

Parent Reviews

Kim Glasgow

The instructor was awesome. He explained things well and was on the ball in helping the students as they did their on-class coding exercises. He was very knowledgeable, managed the class well and was able to keep them learning together and moving forward.


My son loved the class he took with Code Wizards HQ. The material was presented in a way that was interesting, engaging, and easy to grasp. It was a great introduction to coding for him and he is eager to carry on with more learning. Thank you for offering these classes.

Richa Tripathi

A very well organized, interesting and fun curriculum. My son had a great time learning and exploring HTML/CSS and Java Script course at CodeWizardsHQ. The interface is kid friendly and accessible from anywhere. We loved it.

Common Enrollment Questions

What if my child has coding experience?
Our program requires no coding experience. If your child has some coding experience, please contact us and we will work with you to find the right starting point for him/her.

What technology do we need?
You need a computer with a microphone and a speaker (most laptops have this), a browser like Chrome, FireFox, Safari or IE and a good internet connection.

What ages / grades are the classes for?
Our classes are intended for students 10-17 years old i.e. grades 6th to 10th. 5th graders, who are more inclined towards technology, would also enjoy our program.

Are the classes interactive?
Yes, absolutely. We keep our class sizes small (usually between 6-8 students) mainly to facilitate an interactive classroom experience.

How to Enroll?

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