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We’re not just another company that recently started teaching online. Our program was created from the start to be the most effective and fun online coding classes for kids and teens. We’ve perfected virtual learning from our curriculum to our teachers to our tools.

Curriculum created

for learning online

Our structured curriculum was developed and is continuously refined to be taught online with exciting visuals and engaging projects that keeps kids motivated from afar.

Teachers trained

to teach online

Our teachers have been extensively trained to teach online and provide a fun and successful experience in and out of the virtual classroom with continuous support.

Tools developed

for working online

Our proprietary tools, developed over 10,000 hours, provide students with a pro-level coding platform where teachers can view and give feedback on their code in real time.

6-Week Accelerated
Schedule Coding Classes

1-hour classes, 2x per week during evenings and weekends.

Year round.

12-Week Regular
Schedule Coding Classes

1-hour classes, 1x per week during evenings and weekends.

Year round.

Superior Curriculum

Our online coding classes for kids are designed with hands-on learning projects that they truly enjoy! As kids master each programming skill, they advance to the next level. Every coding class builds on the one before it, meaning that students graduate with a vast mastery of coding skills and a portfolio full of cool, working web pages and apps.

Internship Program: CodeWizardsHQ is the only online coding school for kids that offers real-world experience with actual non-profit organizations.


#1 Most Comprehensive Program for Your Student’s Success!

The CodeWizardsHQ program comes with everything your child needs to be successful in learning to code.

All of the below are included at no extra cost.

Interactive Live Classes

Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum
Video Recordings of Every Class

Downloadable Slides for Every Class
Complimentary 1×1 Office Hours

Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
Daily Homework Help

Individual Course Certification
Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Direct Messaging with Teachers
Supportive Online Student Community

24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform
Hands-on, Project Based Learning

Path to Real-World Internship

The CodeWizardsHQ Advantage

Our reviews speak for themselves.

The Future Starts Here

CodeWizardsHQ’s online coding classes for kids are the most fun and effective way for your child to learn programming. We are committed to giving your child a real advantage: academically, socially, and in technology. Here’s how we make our unique magic happen:

Student-centered, Teacher-led

A teacher-led class can ignite a child’s love for writing code. Students learn best when they interact with a talented teacher. We hire only the top 2% of applicants, tech industry professionals with a passion for teaching kids. They know coding and also what motivates your child, which creates a meaningful relationship that amps up student achievement. Every student receives individual attention, immediate feedback, personalized support, and helpful accountability.

A Structured Curriculum That Delivers

Our structured coding curriculum is comprehensive, challenging, and yes, fun! Our online coding classes for kids use pop-culture themes and hands-on projects to strengthen your child’s coding skills in real languages such as Python, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and more. As they advance in skill, they build confidence, move through Wizard Levels, and complete cool capstone projects which are added to a portfolio that can be used to stand out amongst college applicants.

Pro-Level Programming Tools

Exclusively made for our students, our custom-built online code editor is a professional-level tool that is user-friendly for kids. We equip students with a coding platform that mirrors real-world programming tools. Teachers can view students’ code as they write it, offering guidance and encouragement. You don’t need fancy technology to take class, a computer and a stable internet connection are the only tools needed. Your child will create working web pages and games starting from the first class.

Extensive Support Beyond the Classroom

Learning to code is a challenging journey for most kids to take alone and requires a strong support system. Part of our magic is what we do beyond the classroom. These services are free for all students. Your child can watch the video recording of the class, review the session slides, direct-message with teachers, get 1-on-1 help during office hours, and get help from other students via the community. Teachers receive ongoing monitoring and professional development, and with 24/7 support, students are never far from help.

A Personalized Weekly Progress Report

We know you have overflowing schedules and overwhelming expectations for your kids, but they need your support to succeed. We make it easy to stay in the loop with a weekly progress report outlining lesson topics, quality of your child’s submitted homework, upcoming assignments, and links to your child’s online projects. Keep your child engaged and excited with ongoing guidance and alerts for issues holding him or her back. As our partner, you will always know how your child is progressing.

In-Demand Future Skills

We teach tomorrow’s in-demand skills, today. Our online coding classes for kids stay at the forefront as technology advances with classes in emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and virtual reality that you can’t find anywhere else. Our small classes and project-based learning teaches skills they can use daily to thrive in the digital age, such as collaboration, presentation skills, self-assurance, and teamwork. Learning these important skills now will give your child a significant advantage for college and beyond.

Internship Program

CodeWizardsHQ can set you up with invaluable, real-world experience.

Advanced Placement Testing

If you have previous coding experience, take the placement test to advance in our program.

Stay Up To Speed

Browse interesting articles, updates, and resources on teaching coding and computer science to kids.

Got Questions?

We’re here to help. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for helpful answers.

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