Though CodeWizardsHQ students spend only an hour a week in scheduled online class time, they can seek help 24/7 via our valuable and complimentary beyond-the-classroom supports.

Class Recordings

Every class is recorded, so it’s easy to revisit a lesson or make up a missed class with the video and instructional slides that are available to all class students at any time.


A private, well-moderated online community where students can connect 24/7 with each other and teachers to get help with their homework and projects.

Office Hours

Students who need extra support can schedule live, one-on-one office hours with teachers during a time that fits their schedule, even on weekends.

Direct Messaging

Direct student-to-teacher messaging is always available. Use our private, monitored chat feature for timely answers and help with homework.

Once a course begins, every student at any level enjoys the same benefits:

Twelve 1-hour classes
Code editor software subscription
Live 1-on-1 teacher help, including weekends
Online student community
24/7 Access to our coding platform
Web hosting & unlimited server space
Same day email support
Monitored, direct-messaging

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