Though CodeWizardsHQ students spend only an hour a week in scheduled online class time, they can seek help 24/7 via our valuable and complimentary beyond-the-classroom supports.

Class Recordings

Every class is recorded, so it’s easy to revisit a lesson or make up a missed class with the video and instructional slides that are available to all class students at any time.

Community Forum

A private, moderated online community where students can connect 24/7 with each other and teachers to get help with their homework and projects.

Live Office Hours

Students who need a little extra support can schedule live, one-on-one office hours with teachers during a time that fits their schedule, even on weekends.

Direct Messaging

Direct student-to-teacher messaging is always available in our student platform. Use our private, monitored chat feature for timely answers and help with homework.

Homework Help
Daily Homework Help

Get live homework help any day of the week. Our expert teachers answer any and all homework questions. No prior scheduling is necessary so it’s easy and convenient.

A Full Suite of Beyond the Classroom Benefits

Interactive Live Classes
Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum
Complimentary 1×1 Office Hours
Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
Video Recordings of Every Class
Downloadable Slides for Every Class
Daily Homework Help
Individual Course Certification
Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers
Direct Messaging with Teachers
Supportive Online Student Community
24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform
Hands-on, Project Based Learning
Path to Real-World Internship

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