Summer doesn’t have to always mean a “camp”. What if your child can pickup serious coding skills during summer without having to go to a camp? Welcome to CodeWizardsHQ summer program for middle and high school students.

Summer Program Options

We understand that each family’s summer plans are different. That is why we have three different summer program options to choose from. Students can take 1, 2 or 4 classes a week and get the course completed in 12, 6 or 3 weeks. Pick the one that would suit your family and see date/time options for that in the next page.

 Regular Schedule4x Accelerated Schedule
Classes / Week1 Class / Week4 Classes / Week
Class Duration1-Hour1-Hour
Total # of Classes12 Classes12 Classes
Certification Timeline12 Weeks3 Weeks
Fees$149 / Month$149 / Week
More DetailsMore Details

Curriculum & Advanced Placement

Students start with “Introduction to Python Programming”, the first course in our structured and comprehensive curriculum. If your child has prior coding experience, they can take our advanced placement exam to be placed in a higher level in our program.

– View “Complete CodeWizardsHQ Program”
– View “Introduction to Python Programming Course Curriculum”
– View “Advanced Placement Details”.

How does it work?

Students attend live, online classes from the convenience of your home. It is an interactive, small-group class taught by a friendly and expert instructor.

Program Details

Live, Instructor-Led Online Classes
Real-World Programming Languages (no drag and drop)
Students Attend Classes from Home. No Driving.
Hands-On, Interactive Classes
Custom-Built Coding Platform
Regular Parent Updates on Student Progress
Certification for Successful Course Completion
Beginner Friendly but Accommodates Students with Coding Experience
See full benefits of the CodeWizardsHQ Program.

See Date & Time Options

To see date and time options and to enroll, please visit our enrollment page below.

See Date & Time Options

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