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Interactive Web with JavaScript

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
    Students are taught the new syntax of the JQuery library. In addition, they get their first experience with animation utilizing CSS3.  
  2. CSS3 Animation
    Students learn to code advanced animation by utilizing keyframes. The class is also introduced to CSS position to further take control over their animations.  
  3. Events
    Students discover the ease of coding events utilizing the JQuery library, specifically .click. The class also discovers the ability of pseudo selectors and their amazing use in CSS.  
  4. Certification ProjectPart 1a
  5. Certification ProjectPart 1b
  6. CSS3 Flexbox
    This lesson teaches students the value of symmetrical design in their projects. Students utilize the flexible display capabilities of CSS3 with their first experience with responsive coding.  
  7. Inputs
    This class teaches students how to utilize inputs to get information from the user. Students learn how to store this information and utilize to trigger events and functions within their code.  
  8. JQuery Animation 
    The class reviews the different core animations available in the JQuery library. Students learn how to combine these animations to improve the user experience.  
  9. Collision Detection
    Students learn expert coding logic for calculating multi-element positioning. They are then able to use this logic to program enhanced functions.  
  10. Media Queries
    This lesson exposes students to the highest levels of responsive design. Students learn to code projects that adapt to their users specific display or interface.  
  11. Certification ProjectPart 2a
  12. Certification ProjectPart 2b

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