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Introduction to HTML/CSS Curriculum

  1. Introduction to HTML/CSS
    Students learn the workflow of programming and how to read and modify existing code. In addition the class reviews concepts of Front End and Back End coding.

  2. Tags
    This lesson teaches students the syntax of opening, closing, and self closing tags. Students will review many of the common HTML tags used in modern web development.

  3. Elements
    Students learn how to use tags to create different elements including the fundamental elements that structure a web page. The class also review key programming concepts revolving around the nesting of elements.

  4. Attributes 
    In this lesson students learn how to add more information to their tags to give them control over function and appearance. Students learn about the anchor tag and how to utilize attributes to create webpage links.

  5. Images
    This lesson focuses on the specfic attributes for adding and manipulating images in coding. Students learn how to alter width, height, and metadata for their images.

  6. CSS
    This class teaches students how to style elements by utilizing tag selectors. Students learn to style with in-line, internal, and external styling syntax.

  7. .class & #id 
    Students learn how to create their own styling sheets by grouping elements together or calling them out individually. In addition, students review the use of #id as a location reference point.

  8. Divs 
    This lesson teaches students how to contain their elements for more control and organization leading to better design. Students review a more advanced concept of nesting elements.

  9. Box Model
    The class reviews the core foundation that surrounds every element they code. Students learn how to manipulate the padding and margin surrounding each of their elements.

  10. Buttons 
    This lesson teaches students how to code actions that can be executed by the user through a button. Students discover how to know what happens before they push the red button.

  11. Certification Project Part 1

  12. Certification Project Part 2

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