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CodeWizardsHQ Curriculum

Students begin with our 12-week Introduction to Programming course, where they create fun and engaging projects that inspire a passion for coding.

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Wizard Level I

These fun and exciting courses build a foundation of skills and help students develop a passion for coding.

Students begin with Introduction to Programming

Intro to Programming

Students learn fundamental programming concepts while building fun, interactive games.

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Intro to HTML/CSS

Students learn how to build exciting webpages in HTML and CSS, the basics of the modern web.

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Intro to JavaScript

Students learn JavaScript by creating amazing animations and interactive projects for the web.

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Wizard Level II

Students learn the most popular systems for front and backend web development so they can bring their ideas to life.

Pre-requisite: Must complete Level I

Front End Development

Students integrate all front-end programming languages to build complete user interface for the web.

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Object Oriented Programming

Students learn class based coding to create objects and interact with data on a whole new level.

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Interactive Data

Course teaches tables, queries and interacting with databases in the context of real-world programming.

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Wizard Level III

Advanced coding skills that can be applied to any chosen college major or career path.

Pre-requisite: Must complete Level II


Students learn to write software using an application framework (Flask) which provides fundamental structure to real-world development.

Advanced Algorithms

Students learn to design advanced algorithms and integrate them into code to create cutting-edge applications.

Data Science

Students structure and manipulate large amounts of data to discover patterns and insights that can be executed on.

Wizard Level IV

Students complete real-world projects for nonprofits, helping them to stand out when applying for college.

Pre-requisite: Must complete Level III

CodeWizardsHQ Internship Program

After completing all of our courses, students are eligible for a 6-month internship with a partner nonprofit organization. This internship will give students real-world web development experience, allowing them to build a portfolio and stand out on college applications.

 Advanced Placement Available : If your child has already been introduced to coding, they may be able to move ahead in our program by completing our advanced placement test. More Details.