Python is a powerful yet beginner-friendly coding language for kids to learn programming.

Not only can Python classes for kids teach fundamental programming principles, but they also lay a strong foundation for tackling more advanced topics like algorithms, data structures, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Why Python Classes For Kids?

Python is a popular object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics, that just means it can do more with less, making it easy to learn and powerful to use.

Python Classes for Kids, Beginner Friendly
Python Is Beginner-Friendly for Kids

Python is unique in that it’s easy to understand, even for kids with no programming experience. We recommend Python for kids because some languages use a perplexing combination of symbols and abbreviations. Python doesn’t.

Python Classes for Kids, Real Programming
Kids Won’t Outgrow Learning Python

Python is not a graphical programming language, it uses real coding syntax. Purely graphical programming languages, like Scratch, are good for elementary school children, but they’re easy to outgrow. That’s not the case with Python.

Python Classes for Kids, Python Powers YouTube
Python Is Applicable In the Real World

Python powers the world’s second-largest search engine: YouTube. Scientists use Python to work with large data sets. Software engineers build neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence with this versatile language.

Python Powers Many of the World’s Most Popular Websites

Coding for Kids, Yahoo Logo

Coding for Kids, YouTube Logo
Coding for Kids, Google Logo
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Coding for Kids, Spotify Logo

Your Child Can Learn Python Live, Online

CodeWizardsHQ delivers the most fun and effective live, online Python coding classes for kids and teens ages 8-18. Students attend weekly live, teacher-led Python coding classes from the convenience of your home. Both our Middle School and High School Coding Programs start with an introduction to programming and the Python language.

Middle School Coding Program

Middle School Program Start
Wizard Level I

Intro to Programming

Webpages with HTML & CSS

Interactive Web with JavaScript

Capstone I Virtual Reality Game
Wizard Level II

User Interface Development

Mastering Databases

Application Programming Interfaces

Capstone II Online Multiplayer Gaming
Wizard Level III

Python Web Framework

Building Web Applications

Mobile App Development

Capstone III Cross Platform App
GraduationMove to high school Wizard Level II

High School Coding Program

High School Program Start
Wizard Level I

Intro to Python

Front End Web Development

Back End Web Development

Capstone I Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game
Wizard Level II

Object Oriented Programming

Django MVC Framework

Artificial Intelligence with Python

Capstone II AI
Wizard Level III

Data Structures & Algorithms

Machine Learning & Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing

Capstone III
GraduationReal-world Internship

Our Python Classes for Kids are The Most Fun and Effective

Class Highlights:

• Learn real-world Python coding skills (no drag and drop)
• Beginner-friendly (no prior experience needed)
• Project-based curriculum and learning approach
• Innovative teacher-led online classes
• Small class sizes and personalized support
• Weekly parent updates
• Certification in 12-weeks

Learning Python is a great place for kids to start! See our Python coding classes for kids in middle school and high school.

More Python Resources for Kids

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