PTA Partnerships

CodeWizardsHQ recognizes that PTAs provide the crucial link between school and home life that makes the learning process especially meaningful. We love partnering with PTAs to help keep that process alive and well. There are a few different ways in which we can support your PTA including Spirit Nights, Silent Auction/Raffle Fundraiser Donations, Affiliate Partnerships, and Sponsorship Packages. More details below.

Spirit Nights

Partner with us to host a coding spirit night for your school! We will host a 1-hour online coding workshop with a live teacher for $20 (normally $39) and half of the proceeds will go to your PTA. The class is entirely online, so your students could even attend from home. Earn funds and give your students the chance to try out coding!

Fundraiser Donations

Have a silent auction fundraiser or raffle coming up? We may be able to donate gift cards and/or intro coding class vouchers to support the cause. Let us know about the fundraiser and what kind of item you are looking for and we can probably help you out. Raise some extra funds with donations from CodeWizardsHQ!

Affiliate Partnerships

Sign up to become an affiliate! With our affiliate program, your PTA will get $25 for each student who enrolls in our program using your unique affiliate link. Passively earn cash for your PTA by simply adding an image and a link to your website and your newsletters!

Sponsorship Packages

Does your PTA have sponsorship packages? Do you actively work with your sponsors to get the word out about them to your families? We love to support active PTAs with sponsorships. Tell us about your sponsorship programs.

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