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Meet Our Team

Jey Iyempandi

Jey is founder and CEO of CodeWizardsHQ. He is a former Director of Marketing at Dell. He is the father of two children who are learning to code. He is inspired by the possibilities code creates in our children’s lives.

David Gilbert

Dave started his passion for coding at a young age and has spent the last 15 years in management and training for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Understanding the importance of coding for the future, he has already been teaching his two children coding, and is ecstatic to educate your children as well.

Gauravjeet Singh

Gaurav is a web designer and a game developer. As a curriculum developer, he believes programming should be as interesting and rewarding as playing games. He is associated with Google Code In for past 5 years. Apart from programming, he loves to travel and click photos.

Inderpreet Singh

Inderpreet started programming when he was 7 years old. He has been selected multiple times in Google’s Coding programs, where he wrote code and mentored middle and high school students. A fan of Sir Ken Robinson, he believes that education needs to be more creative, engaging and fun. 

Shaina Sabarwal

Shaina enjoys building engaging curriculum for kids. She has been selected in Google’s elite coding program twice. She has created a coding editor and programmed the interface of software used by tens of thousands of people. She is very passionate about  supporting women in tech.

Vigas Deep

Vigas is a top-notch server admin and back-end architect, he has been helping startups and government agencies in building their back-end since 2010. He is an Information Technology graduate and is super pumped about entrepreneurship. He loves cooking and eating.

Andrew Morgan

Andrew is a lover of design, philosophy, and art. He had been making websites for clients across the country for 8 years. He believes education is the cornerstone of our society and is honored to be teaching tomorrow’s greatest coders.

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Lynn Schirmer

Web design and development are what artist Lynn Schirmer does every day. For the past 12 years she has been developing original sites for a range of clients, from individuals to major corporations. She is excited to share the creative power of code with young people. 

Sabreena Osborne

Sabreena’s love for coding began while building her first website many years ago. Although she has worked extensively as a corporate trainer, her passion for working with kids and interest in coding has brought her to CodeWizardsHQ, where she enthusiastically prepares kids for a successful future.

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Larry Cherry

Larry is a former system administrator who started coding to improve and build better software for his clients. He also participates and mentors at hackathons across Texas and he is excited to share his passion for coding with all of his students.

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Merline Raymond

Merline was previously pre-law but fell in love with coding before she made it to law school. She hopes to empower students by teaching them the important skill of coding so they can be builders of the technology we will use in the future.

Samuel Hoffman

Sam is literally the best. He could beat Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in a coding contest. Also he’s excited to teach your young students about the wonders of The Python Programming Language.

Kevin Shepherd

Kevin is a recent graduate and Austin, Texas native. He studied Digital Media Management and is inspired by the possibilities that coding brings to life. As a marketer and recent student, he wants to continue to absorb all the knowledge he can. 

Tyler Crocker

As a video game technical animator, nothing brings Tyler more gratification than watching others enjoy his creations. With a passion for youth development brought on through years serving in Americorps, he hopes to pass on his passion to the developers of the future.

Ivann Grande

Ivann’s interest in programming started when he was 9 years old. He received his BS in Computer Science in 2017 and has always had a passion for teaching. He constantly strives to make education an interactive, fun, and engaging experience for the youth to help prepare them for future success.

Natalie Vonderhaar

Natalie has a fine arts background and a knack for systems and efficiency. She loves assisting in students’ success and keeping communication with our families strong! She is new to the coding world but excited to be learning alongside such great people!

Ana-Maria Medina

Ana-Maria received her Bachelors in Spanish with a minor in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin. Passionate about traveling, she studied abroad in Madrid where she completed her MA in Spanish. Upon returning to the United States she continued her graduate studies at the University of Houston. She strongly believes in the mission and vision of CodeWizardsHQ.