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Introduction to Programming Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Programming
    This lesson jump starts the student to begin thinking and problem solving like a programmer. Students learn to break down large tasks into smaller single lines of code.

  2. Data Types & Variables
    This lesson teaches students how to store and recall different types of data. Students are taught how and when to use numbers, strings, and booleans as well as naming rules for variables.

  3. Functions 
    Students learn how to define their own functions so that they can execute multiple actions at one time. In addition, students review different methods to call those functions throughout their code.

  4. If/Else Statements & Relational Operators 
    In this lesson students learn how to write conditional based statements to control when their functions execute. Students are taught multiple operators to create a broad range of conditions.

  5. Loops 
    Students discover how to code more efficiently and with minimal code by using loops. In addition, the class is taught to simplify existing code while still maintaining language integrity.

  6. Arrays 
    In this lesson students learn how to store and recall multiple pieces of data by using arrays. By adding on to previous lessons, students discover how to easily access and utilize this data within loops.

  7. Logical Operators 
    This lesson increases students ability to write more complex logic within their functions. Students will be able to create and link multiple condition requirements allowing them to do more with a single function.

  8. Return Statements 
    Students learn different methods of obtaining user input and storing it within their code. In addition, the class learns how to use this data to trigger different actions within the same function.

  9. Arithmetic Operators  
    While adding on to existing lessons, students learn the full range of Arithmetic Operators including *,/, and %. Students learn how to utilize these operators to enhance function logic.

  10. Math Functions  
    Students learn some enhanced logic available in most programming languages. The class works with generating random numbers, rounding numbers, and utilizing the these functions to expand the ability of loops and arrays.

  11. Certification ProjectPart 1

  12. Certification ProjectPart 2

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