Front End Development Curriculum

  1. JavaScript Advanced Logic
    Students are taught advanced logic while refreshing previously learned skills to create a fun and engaging chase game.

  2. CSS Flexbox
    This lesson teaches students the value of symmetrical design in their projects. Students utilize the flexible display capabilities of CSS3 and gain more experience with responsive coding.

  3. Inputs Part I
    This class teaches students how to utilize inputs to get information from the user. Students learn how to store this information and utilize to trigger events and functions within their code.

  4. Inputs Part II
    Inputs are basic requirement for having interactions in your app. In this lesson, students continue working on inputs. They learn about checkbox and radio inputs. They use those to create a fun quiz and a “Create your own avatar” app.

  5. Midterm Project Part I

  6. Midterm Project Part II

  7. Form Validation
    In this lesson, students combine all the inputs into a single form element. With this students are properly able to format and validate the type of information a user can provide through these inputs.

  8. JQuery UI (with CSS Combinators) 
    Jquery UI is a famous library based on Jquery. It has inbuilt functions that can craft widget like accordion from a simple html markup. Along with that, students are introduced to CSS combinators, which allows to be even more specific while styling elements.

  9. Cookies and Media Queries
    Cookies are widely used for storage of user data in the browser itself. Students create a simple yet efficient note taking app by storing all notes data in the browser cookies. Apart from that, they use media queries to make the app useful even at smaller screens.

  10. APIs
    This lessons opens an entire world of opportunities for students, they learn the concept of an API and how it can help integrate complex web applications into their own app. In this lesson, they create a working version of YouTube with their own user interface.

  11. Certification Project Part I

  12. Certification Project Part II

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