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Middle School Students Coding Friends and Family Program

Encourage your friend’s kids AND your kid’s friends to join our coding program. You can easily share this page in facebook.

Coding is so much fun when your children attend classes with their friends. They can work on projects together, help each other out and can also motivate each other with some friendly rivalry. Who knows, they might start a company together!

PLUS, we have the below goodies for you!

Get a $25 Credit
..when you refer a friend
BOTH you and your friend get a $25 credit. How cool is that? When enrolling, they just need to put your name as the referrer. If they forgot, you can just email us and let us know. At the month end, we will credit both your accounts with $25.

Get a full month FREE! ($149 Value)
..when you help us get a batch started
Our batch sizes are really small, between 6-8 students. If you help pull together a batch of 6 students, you get the first month totally FREE! Another BIG benefit is that you get to choose the class time. This totally rocks!