June 9, 2020

Top 10 Coding Resources for Kids – June 2020

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Times have been very tumultuous. However, this trying and confusing time does not have to mark the end of your child’s learning. To help, we’ve compiled a few great articles about coding resources for kids and some interesting projects and events happening around the world!

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1. Try this resource to engage students in at-home coding

Is your kid a reader? Here is a really engaging book that will teach your kid how to code! This downloadable book works to include underrepresented kids in a very interesting way. Read more here!

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2. LSU to hold engineering summer camps for kids virtually

LSU is not letting this pandemic take engineering / coding summer camps away from kids. Check out this article to see how they are now providing virtual camps this upcoming June and July.

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3. Apple unveils WWDC 2020 coding contest for students

Need some competition and fun during this quarantine period? WWDC is now running a coding contest for students!

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4. 6 Best MOOC Platforms to learn Coding for Free | Hand Code your Website and Mobile Apps

This lockdown period has made learning how to code harder for some families, but Study @ Home has compiled a list of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms that your kid can use to start or continue their coding education. Best of all, they can do it for free!

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5. 43 North hackathon winners created an online platform for parents to use in quarantine

Need engaging projects or coding entertainment for your kids during quarantine? A group of hackathon participants created ‘Creative Kidz’ to help with that! Read more to see what the fuss is all about.

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6. Tech Toys that Put Kids in the Driver’s Seat

Robot toys, to help kids code, are now available! Some of these toys even teach coding languages and STEM skills.

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7. The Best Robot Toys for Building Kids’ STEM Skills

This just in! There’s a new, fun, and modern way to teach kids STEM and coding skills. This article tells you which robots are the best teachers.

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8. Coding for Kids – The Best Teaching Styles

Worried about trying to teach your little one code? Learn the best way to teach coding to fit your kid’s needs! This includes learning the difference between curriculum, software, and coaching driven teaching methods.

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9. Newly Launched Games Designer Club Teaches Kids Game Design & Coding

TheGamer is teaching coding to kids, 6 years and older, by letting them build their own video game! TheGamer allows kids to learn and experience how to collaborate, problem-solve, and express creativity.

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10. 7 Famous Computer Programmers Who Started Programming at an Early Age

Kids as young as 9 years old are coding (even 8 in our program)! Find out what famous programmers started coding at a young age too.

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