It’s easy to imagine a kid learning coding being stuck in front of a computer for the rest of their lives. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, coding experience can open up many opportunities and make your child more marketable when they start applying for awards, scholarships, and even jobs! There are plenty of paid coding apps, websites, and books for kids to learn to code. In the digital age, there are even more ways to learn coding for kids, free. 

Coding also allows your kid to creatively express him or herself. Your child has an idea for a game? They should make it! Your child has an idea for a website? They should design it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to coding and there are FREE apps, websites, and activities available to kids of all ages.

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Free Coding Apps for Kids

coding for kids free, codekarts
CodeKarts (4+; iOS/Android)

A pre-coding game for preschoolers, players learn to develop observational skills, concentration, and logic by guiding a car through various tracks.

coding for kids free, codespark
CodeSpark Academy (5-9; iOS/Android/ Kindle Fire/Windows)

With over 1,000 fun activities and a simple-to-use interface, CodeSpark Academy is the perfect app to introduce kids ages 5-9 to coding.

coding for kids free, kodable
Kodable (4-11; iOS/Browser)

With scalability, from drag-and-drop programming to coding with JavaScript and Swift, Kodable is ideal for a wide range of students. They offer a free 7-day trial to try it out.

coding for kids free, scratchjr
Scratch Jr. (5-7; iOS/Android/Kindle Fire/ChromeBook)

With ScratchJr., children ages 5-7 can program interactive stories and games to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.

coding for kids free, turtle
Move the Turtle (6-12; iOS)

Using visually engaging graphics, kids can implement various programming concepts to direct a virtual turtle and complete unique tasks.

Tynker (7+; iOS/Android/Chromebook)

With thousands of learning modules, Tynker allows kids to start at the most appropriate level for their experience and age. From voice instructions and drag-and-drop coding to real-world programming with languages such as JavaScript and Python, Tynker can be an aid to anyone seeking to start their coding journey.

Swift Playgrounds (8-12; iOS)

Swift is a programming language for developing Apple iOS programs and apps. Especially useful for beginner programmers (even those with no Swift experience) Swift Playgrounds lets kids work at their own paces with visually appealing and educational challenges.

coding for kids free, hopscotch
Hopscotch (4-11; iOS)

Create games, art, stories, and more with kid-friendly programming. Kids can code and publish unique creations to Hopscotch’s fully moderated community, where others can play and learn from their creations.

coding for kids free, mimo
Mimo (15+; iOS)

Mimo puts the power to learn in your child’s hands! With over 23 different courses to choose from and comprehensive lessons, Mimo enables kids of any age to begin coding and advance their skills.

coding for kids free, codea
Codea (13+; iOS)

A fully customizable code editor, Codea allows users to introduce all the colors and visual aids they may desire to assist in their programming efforts. It’s a free coding for kids app that lets your child turn thoughts into interactive creations.

coding for kids free, safari
Coding Safari (2+; iOS)

With a focus on pre-coding skills like problem-solving, decomposition, and computational thinking, Coding Safari is engaging and educational for children as young as two years old!

coding for kids free, algorithmcity
Algorithm City (8+; Android)

Algorithm City is a 3D style game where kids can learn the basic concepts of coding, such as command sequencing, functions and loops, and more. Make a character progress by collecting gold and solving levels.

coding for kids free, legoboost
LEGO Boost (7-12+; iOS/Android)

Lego Boost is an app that allows kids to build different Lego models and program them with code. Children can program their models to make sounds and move using drag and drop code.

coding for kids free, daisy
Daisy the Dinosaur (5-7; iOS)

This app teaches basic coding concepts like sequencing and conditionals in the form of fun little challenges. Make Daisy the dinosaur move, jump, and dance with drag and drop commands as kids experiment and learn.

coding for kids free, cargobot
Cargo Bot (4+; iOS/Android)

Students can learn to sequence with this app by choosing the preset actions of their robotic arm and putting them in the right order. These challenges can help students to think concisely and find the simplest solution to a given problem.

coding for kids free, run marco
Run Marco (6-12; iOS)

This game uses simple commands like “move one step forward” and “repeat” to help students learn how to sequence a set of actions. Children will learn to modify their code to complete the task at hand, as well as design their own levels.

coding for kids free, sololearn
SoloLearn: Learn to Code (ages vary; iOS/Android)

Aimed at older students, SoloLearn offers a list of programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. The course starts off with the basic foundations of each language and builds as you proceed through levels. Kids can even compare their skills in head-to-head challenges with others.

coding for kids free, grasshopper
Grasshopper (ages vary; iOS/Android)

This app, created by Google, teaches JavaScript through mini-games and offers two courses: one for brand new coders and another for more advanced coders. For beginners, the app will take you through a set of slides explaining the basics of coding followed by a short quiz to review and improve understanding.

coding for kids free, rox
Rox’s Secret Code (5-8; iOS)

Kids can explore the basic principles of coding with this app by helping Rox, a code whiz, debug a “Chorebot” that was programmed to help clean her room, but begins acting out on its own.

coding for kids free, dcoder
DCoder (ages vary; iOS/Android)

DCoder is a mobile code compiler. This app is meant for more experienced individuals who are looking for fast and easy ways to compile and run their code on the go!

Free Coding Websites for Kids

coding for kids free, scratch
Scratch (8-16)

As a programming language that has already touched the lives of millions of children, Scratch is a great tool for beginner programmers. Scratch offers block-based visual programming that is both simple-to-learn and very flexible.

coding for kids free, robocode
RoboCode (5+)

Ever heard of robot fighting? Well here is a cool alternative! RoboCode lets kids build a robot in Java or .NET in order to compete against other robots.

CodeMonkey (8+)

As a beginner-friendly coding game, CodeMonkey gives kids the opportunity to learn real-world programming languages and basic computer science concepts by following the adventures of a cute little monkey!

coding for kids free, lightbot
Lightbot (9+)

Using fun and visually engaging puzzles, kids can get a chance to practice sequencing, conditionals, recursive loops, and more. By issuing commands to navigate a robot through various stages and solving challenges, kids can learn to code in a kid-friendly environment.

coding for kids free, codecombat
CodeCombat (6+; Browser)

This is for those kids with an adventurer’s heart! Through CodeCombat, students learn real programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and HTML while solving fun puzzles in an adventure-combat type game.

coding for kids free, stackoverflow
StackOverflow (13+)

This is a resource for students who want to learn a programming language by themselves, but still want the support of an experienced community of people! StackOverflow is a question and answer site meant to answer a diverse range of computer science questions.

coding for kids free, codecademy
Codecademy (8+)

With more than 45 million users, Codecademy lets kids dive right in and take courses that teach you everything from HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and SQL to Bash/Shell, Python, Ruby and C++.

coding for kids free, codemoji
Codemoji (5-8)

Targeted at kids age 6-12, is a unique site where kids can learn the foundations of coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using drag-and-drop emojis, kids will be able to work through beginner, intermediate, and advanced level beginner courses to further their understanding of coding concepts and how to use them.

coding for kids free, coursera
Coursera (ages vary)

Offering more than 1,000 courses from 119 institutions, there are a number of free introductory programming courses in various specializations from universities. This lends itself as a very versatile and valuable tool in learning code.

coding for kids free, freecodecamp
Free Code Camp (ages vary)

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, React.js, Node.js, and others can be learned by joining this nonprofit’s community of students and professionals. Work together on coding skills and work to build apps for free and help this non-profit organization.

coding for kids free, edx
edX (ages vary)

Another leading online-learning platform that is open source, edX was founded by Harvard University and MIT, so you can trust you’ll learn cutting-edge skills and theories from the 50+ schools included in their material.

coding for kids free, khan academy
Khan Academy (ages vary)

One of the original free online-learning institutions, with step-by-step video tutorials, kids can learn to program using JavaScript and ProcessingJS, or learn to create webpages using HTML and CSS with content designed specifically to help new coders.

coding for kids free, udemy
Udemy (ages vary)

Udemy is an online learning platform used to improve or learn new skills. With plenty of free programming courses taught via video lessons, such as Python Frameworks, APIs, HTML, CSS, + Payments, this site is a convenient option for advancing your abilities.

coding for kids free, codeavengers
Code Avengers (5-12)

This New Zealand based site provides courses focusing on game design, C++, HTML, Python, and more, available in multiple languages. Offering material for a wide range of ages and experience levels, this site is a great choice for all coders!

coding for kids free, agupie
AGupieWare (ages vary)

An independent app developer that created a curriculum based on the free courses offered by Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Columbia, this program is broken into 15 courses ranging in complexity and focus. Perfect for anyone looking to expand their qualifications.

coding for kids free, github
GitHub (ages vary)

While this may not be the first site you think of when wanting to learn how to code, it is definitely worth mentioning! GitHub allows students to collaborate on cool projects and look at the projects of other individuals for reference.

coding for kids free, MITocw
MIT Open Courseware (ages vary)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has publicly available courses for a multitude of subjects, including programming. You get the chance to sit in programming classes from a very prestigious university!

coding for kids free, hack pledge
Hack.pledge() (ages vary)

Hack Pledge connects mentors and mentees with each other so that young programmers can learn and grow from experienced individuals.

coding for kids free, bit degree
BitDegree (16+)

As one of the most popular eLearning platforms out there, BitDegree offers a multitude of fun computer science courses!

coding for kids free, codewars
CodeWars (ages vary)

CodeWars is a gamified way to compete with other programmers. This is your kid’s chance to work on challenging programming problems alongside other programmers.

Free Coding Activities & More for Kids

coding for kids free, cs unplugged
Unplugged Activities (ages vary)

If you prefer more hands-on activities, go ahead and try some unplugged activities. This a compilation of different computerless games and paper activities. Plenty of free coding for kids resources here.

coding for kids free, goalkicker
GoalKicker (ages vary)

Do you like learning through reading? Then check out GoalKicker! GoalKicker collects a ton of free programming books so that anyone can read about different programming languages and ideologies.

coding for kids free, coderdojo
CoderDojo (7-17)

As a volunteer-led community of free programming workshops for kids, CoderDojo teaches programming to young, interested, individuals in multiple locations around the United States.

coding for kids free, IDE
IDE (ages vary)

An integrated development environment is a must-have for people learning how to code. Whether the IDE be BlueJ, Eclipse, or Microsoft Visual Studio, kids will have an easy way to debug, compile, and run their code.

coding for kids free, summer camp
University Summer Camps (4+)

This one is highly dependent on your location, but many universities offer free summer camps for people that are curious about computer science! Two great free examples include University of Texas at Austin CS Summer Camps and MIT’s CS summer camps.

coding for kids free, hackathon
Hackathons (ages vary)

There are plenty of hackathons all over the world that are not only free, but give you the chance to learn coding skills from experienced mentors, support you through your journey of bringing your cool coding idea into fruition, give you swag, and give you free food!

I hope that you take this advice to heart and give your kiddo the opportunity to explore a potential passion and find his or her reason for coding. We strongly support accessibility in coding and the opportunities it provides to kids of all ages. These free coding resources are a great starting point if your child is learning to code. 

If you want more support and a structured curriculum while learning to code, see the online coding classes for kids that we offer here at CodeWizardsHQ. We have programs for elementary, middle, and high school students and no experience is necessary. Our structured curriculum is effective, fun, and gives students a strong foundational knowledge of coding and programming concepts.