Prepare your child for success in the digital world.

Kids learn coding through teacher-led online classes from the convenience of their home.

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How does it work?

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Real World Coding Languages

Learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python and code real world projects. 

No Driving to a Physical Location

Students attend live online classes from their home.

Teacher-Led Online Classes

Weekly small group classes led by an experienced instructor. 

Resources & Enrichment

Private student community, enhanced learning exercises, coding contests & more!

Hands On Learning

Interactive classes with hands-on exercises using our custom-built coding platform. 

Structured Curriculum

Developmental curriculum with engaging project-based learning approach. 

Our daughter really enjoyed the classes by CodeWizardsHQ. She found the classes easy to follow and the instructors readily available to help discuss concepts that she didn’t quite understand. I do this stuff for a living and when she came back I quizzed her and I was really happy with her responses. From her descriptions the tool each student used to enter their code and see the results was straightforward and very effective.

Jonathan Borden
Dad of 6th Grade Student

The HTML coding class was a wonderful experience! Before I had started this class, I hadn’t done any real coding, and the class introduced me to a whole new experience! The way this class was taught was easy to understand, and any questions were answered with detail so we all knew what was happening and how to do everything. Overall, this was an amazing class, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested!

Kiera Dixon
6th Grade Student

The #1 thing I like about CodeWizardsHQ classes is its convenience. We both work full-time and don’t have the time to drive two of our daughters to more classes. But we always wanted to introduce to coding to them. This remote, teacher-led classes are incredibly convenient as our children can take these classes from home. Highly recommended for busy parents.

Dina Luu
Mom of 8th Grade Students 

My son totally enjoyed the class and learned a great deal. The instructor was patient and provided a fun yet challenging programming curriculum. My middle schooler learned many skills that are taught in the high school classes, so we are happy that he is on the right track!

Wendy Dorf
Mom of 8th Grade Student 

The instructor was awesome. He explained things well and was on the ball in helping the students as they did their on-class coding exercises. He was very knowledgeable, managed the class well and was able to keep them learning together and moving forward.

Kim Glasgow
Mom of 7th Grade Student

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