Accelerated School Year Schedule

Our accelerated school year schedule is designed for students to take classes twice-a-week and complete our course sooner. It is all the effectiveness of the CodeWizardsHQ programs in an accelerated schedule. Many students learn better and retain more by frequent engagement with coding. They will get their certification in 6-weeks instead of the 12-weeks it will take in our regular program.

Regular Schedule Accelerated Schedule
Classes / Week1 Class / Week2 Classes / Week
Total # of Classes12 Classes12 Classes
Certification Timeline12 Weeks6 Weeks
Payment Schedule$149 / Month$149 / 2-Weeks
Total Tuition$447$447

Who is this for?
– Students who want a faster learning pace.
– Students who want to complete our courses sooner.
– Students who can attend classes twice-a-week.

Accelerated Schedule
Students in the accelerated program will attend classes 2 times a week instead of once a week in our regular schedule. Each of our sessions is 1-hour long.

Time Commitment
Students need to be able to devote a total of 2-hours per week for class time and 2-hours per week for doing practice projects. Because the classes are spaced out within the week, it is quite manageable for most students.

We will refund fees for a course if a student is withdrawn from that course within the first four class sessions.

Please enroll using the button below. In the registration form, select “2x Accelerated Schedule”.

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