Accelerated Summer Schedule

Online Coding Classes for Kids, Accelerated Summer

Our accelerated coding program is designed for students to take advantage of the summer break and complete our course sooner. It is all the effectiveness of the CodeWizardsHQ programs in an accelerated schedule. They will get their certification in 3-weeks instead of the 3-months it will take in our regular program.

Who is this for?
– Students who want a faster learning pace and want to take advantage of the time available during summer.
– Students who want to accomplish something concrete (complete certification) during summer.
– Students who want an accelerated head start during summer and convert to a regular schedule once school starts.

Accelerated Schedule:
Students in the accelerated program will attend classes 4 times a week (Mondays – Thursdays) instead of once a week in our regular schedule. Each of our sessions are 1-hour long.

Time Commitment:
Students need to be able to devote about 2 hours on Mondays – Thursdays for learning coding. 1-Hour for attending classes and an additional hour for doing practice projects. It still allows them plenty of time during evenings and weekends to enjoy their summer break!

Curriculum & Advanced Placement
For a detailed program structure and course curriculum, see our curriculum page. If your child has prior coding experience, they can take our advanced placement exam to be placed at a higher level in our program. See details about our placement exam.

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