Author: Margaret Choi

August 27, 2020
Teacher Spotlight, Ashley H

Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Hart

From her home in Texas to Glacier National Park to Florida and beyond, CodeWizardsHQ teacher, Ashley Hart, has been able to enrich her students’ lives from around the country. She always brings a sense of fun and passion to her classes and opens kids’ minds to the places she visits too. 

May 22, 2020
Kid learning to code with mom

7 Secrets to Success for Teaching Kids Online

The ability to learn and work online could shape your child’s future. Online learning has become the norm for families in 2020 and, in a national poll, 40% of families said they are more likely to homeschool after the lockdown ends. Twitter, and we expect other companies to follow, just announced a permanent work from home policy. With work and school moving online, your child needs to be prepared to learn and work online. 

December 24, 2019
html css holiday coding tutorial for kids

HTML and CSS Tutorial for Kids: Holiday Card

Happy holidays to all of our students and friends. Instead of buying a card this year, use our HTML and CSS tutorial for kids and your programming skills to code a personalized holiday card for your friends and family.

It’s not the same boring card everyone else is buying, you can personalize this card with your style or match the recipient’s. This is an easy HTML and CSS tutorial for kids or anyone starting to learn. We’ll be building this simple holiday card that opens when you hover over it.

November 12, 2019
Best Coding Books for Girls, Intro to STEM

Coding Books for Girls: An Introduction to S.T.E.M.

Right now, women make up about 25% of the tech industry’s labor pool, but some of the world’s biggest tech companies want to change that. Google, Facebook, and other tech giants have programs that encourage women to take on S.T.E.M. roles. And since 2014, the percentage of women in tech positions at Google has increased 5%.

Tech companies want to hire women.

April 16, 2018

21 Best Coding Apps for Kids to Learn Programming

As coding becomes a crucial element of childhood education, parents are looking for different ways to reinforce coding concepts at home. Your child has access to options including coding websites, games, and online courses.

As a result, there’s been a recent surge in coding apps for kids that introduce children as young as three to the basics of coding. Although some of these apps teach a specific language, most focus more on introducing the logic of coding. Kids learn fundamental concepts like loops, “if-then” statements, variables, and conditionals with the help of fun characters and bright colors,

March 8, 2018
39 best coding games for kids banner

39 Best Coding Games for Kids that Teach Programming

Computer coding is an innovative skill that has slowly trickled down to younger generations with new innovations in technology.

Whether you want to help your child become a computer programmer or simply expand their programming knowledge, there are a variety of benefits to teaching kids to code. Learning how to code gives the brain an advantage in learning, remembering, and even processing new information. It can also feed their creativity and build their confidence.


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