The opportunity to build a career in technology should be available to every child, no matter their background, gender, nationality, or identity.  This month’s Top 10 focuses on opportunities for women in technology fields, as well as other topics. Girls should be given access to quality coding and STEM programs and encouraged to enter technology careers. Diversity in the workplace benefits everyone.

We Need More Girls Making Video Games

This article from Teen Vogue explores why many girls have not entered the game development field and the great things that girls have brought to the table. It’s time to level the video game development field by encouraging more girls to get involved!

Girl Scouts Add New Cyber Security and Coding Badges

Palo Alto Networks has partnered with the Girl Scouts to create nine new badges focusing on cyber security and coding skills which encourages them to pursue technology careers.

The Importance of Women in STEM

Women make up only 22% of the workforce in STEM fields.  Twelve inspiring, impactful women share their insight, courage and vision for increasing the number of women entering STEM fields.

The Future of Fashion and Wearable Technology

Women who can code have bright futures in a wide variety of industries.  Learning about how coding ties into the future of the fashion industry may entice girls, or anyone who loves fashion,  to give coding a try.

Changing from Consumers to Creators

This engaging Ted Talk from MIT Media Labs focuses on the importance of teaching kids to code so they become creators of technology and not simply consumers of it.

What Does Your Desk Look Like?

This short animated GIF summarizes the impact of technology by changing the appearance of a typical work desk over time.  Notice what appears and disappears from the desk over time.

Sal Soghoian’s Innovation, Passion and Confidence Saved Apple

This article, featured in WIRED magazine, conveys the importance of innovation and passion through the story of Sal Soghoian – one of the great technology innovators of our time.

Professional Gamers Earn Millions

Esport tournaments are everywhere.  Gamers can earn impressive cash prizes if they’re good enough.  Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, age 16,  claimed a $3 million grand prize after defeating his competition in a Fortnite tournament.

Twenty Six Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Learning to code has many benefits far beyond acquiring an in-demand skill. This article outlines the additional benefits students gain from learning how to code – regardless of career path.

The Future of Education

Twenty three visionary experts give their predictions of  what education will look like in the near future. Technology will drive innovations in education and offer many new and unique options for students.