We are excited that you are continuing your child’s coding education.

We’ve received your completed form and will be in touch shortly.

What’s Next…

1. Enroll In a Class
Within the next 2 business days, you will receive an email with the appropriate next class for your student, including curriculum details, and the upcoming course schedule for you to select a class time. Once you have selected a time that works best for you we will take care of reactivating your student’s enrollment!

2. Complete the Intake Questionnaire
We strive to provide each student with a personalized learning experience to maximize their success with the program. In order to do so, we need the relevant background information. Please fill out this intake questionnaire.

3. Save $50 on your next monthly payment
Coding is so much fun when your children attend classes with their friends. Invite your friends to join the CodeWizardsHQ program and earn $50 for you and $50 for each friend that signs up. We will include a referral code in your welcome email. Please be on the lookout for that.

4. Help Your Child Succeed 
Below is a short video that includes information on how to keep track of your student’s progress, make up for a missed class, schedule office hours sessions, submit quizzes and practice assignments. It also includes some general tips and guidance on how to make your child successful in the program.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at school@codewizardshq.com or call us at 1-800-213-2417. Thank you!

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