Progress Reports


Overall Grade

What do I do if my student is below 80%?

If you student is below 80% it means they may have struggled on a recent lesson and either received a low score or perhaps didn’t complete their project or quiz at all. Please review their progress report to identify the specific lesson they need to continue to work on, and then utilize the CodeWizardsHQ resources to assist in successfully completing the work. This includes videos, study materials, our secure community to ask questions and share, and of course the ability to schedule one-on-one help during Office Hours.

How is my student’s grade calculated?

Each week after class, in order to provide students an opportunity to practice and validate their new skills, students are asked to complete a homework project and take a short quiz. The homework accounts for 70% of their overall grade while the quizzes account for 30%. It is always recommended that the student complete their weekly homework assignment prior to taking their quiz.

Recent Work

Why do I have a blank screen when I click on a project?

More than likely, this means there is an error somewhere in your student’s code that needs to be debugged. It is possible that this was already reviewed in class with the student and they may just not have fixed it yet. However, if they are having difficulty debugging on their own, this a great time to show the code to the CodeWizardsHQ Community and get everyone’s help on finding the issue.

The page is asking me to enter in information, what do I enter?

I wish this was an easy answer, but unfortunately only the programmer who coded the project knows what words will make it work, and in this case it is your student! I would encourage you to ask them about it and they can teach you how it works. Perhaps you can even encourage them to code in a small hint for others so you can share out their hard work to friends and family on social media.

How do I share these projects on social media?

We have made it very easy to share your student’s projects on social media. When you click on the link that opens a project you will see a green CodeWizardsHQ bar at the very bottom. On the right side of this bar you will see three sharing icons– Facebook, Twitter, and email. Simply click the method you would like to use to share and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why don’t I see the project you talked about in this week’s class?

Each week we discuss a new concept in class and work on class exercises so the students to get comfortable with this knowledge. At the end of class they are assigned the homework project to continue practicing this concept, but it is not due until the following week’s class. Once they have turn in their project for the following week, it will appear in this area on next week’s class recap.

Class and Homework Recap

Where can I find the syllabus for this course?

You can find information for all of our CodeWizardsHQ courses on our Curriculum Page. On this page you will see a breakdown of all courses by Wizard Level. Simply click ‘view course curriculum’ to see the 12 lesson syllabus for the course.

Where can my student take their quiz?

All quizzes are accessed through the “Progress” tab at the top of the Code Editor. Once this tab is opened, simply click the quiz you wish to take by lesson number and it will appear in the main screen. Read each question and select the corresponding answers. When done click “Complete”.

How does my student access their practice project?

All the files for the student’s practice projects are contained in the same lesson file as their class exercises. To open, click the toolbox icon in the top left corner and select the lesson number from the drop-down menu. Once you click OK, the lesson file will appear in the left grey file tree. To open these files click the black file icon. You will now see the practice project (PP) files.

How can my student get additional help?

We have numerous resources for students to get assistance outside of class. Students can watch videos and review study materials under the “Files” tab in their editor. They can ask questions and share their code in our CodeWizardsHQ Community. And they can schedule one-on-one assistance with an instructor through Office Hours.

Progress Report

What do I do if my student got a zero?

First thing, don’t panic, a zero can always be made up. If a student receives a zero it is most likely because they didn’t turn in their project or take a quiz before it’s due date. To correct this, have your student watch the video and review the study materials and make sure the class exercises are completed. Next, they should begin working on their homework and ask for help in the CodeWizardsHQ community. If they are still struggling to finish the work, please schedule a time for them to get assistance from an instructor during office hours.

How can my student improve their grade?

Students can improve their grade at anytime by improving on an existing project or retaking a quiz. Most of the time a student should already know how to improve their project from instructor feedback. However, if they are unsure, please review the homework outlines listed in the Study Material and compare against the actual project your student had completed. Once they have successfully completed their project they are eligible to retake their quiz.

How can my student resubmit a project?

Most of the time, your student does not need to resubmit their project. If the student has improved on the existing file they already submitted, simply have them inform their instructor at the beginning of the next class. If the student is submitting a new file name and the system is now allowing them to, please have them inform their instructor in the next class and they will assist them.

How can my student retake a quiz?

If your student has already taken the quiz and is looking to improve their quiz grade they must first successfully complete their practice project with a score of two or better. Once they have achieved this they can ask their instructor at the beginning of the next class to reset their quiz so they may retake it. If you need to have the quiz reset soon, please contact us.

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