Want to introduce real coding to your child? Is your child ready to move beyond Scratch, Code.org and Minecraft? Register for this 1-hour introduction to HTML/CSS coding workshop.

During this coding workshop, your child will
 Get an introduction to real coding (no drag and drop)
 Learn to code in HTML/CSS
 Do hands-on coding exercises using a professional code editor
 Build a fun web comic to share with friends
 No prior coding experience is needed

Date & Time
Saturday, 5/20, 11.30am CST
Sunday, 5/21, 4.30pm CST
Monday, 5/22, 5.30pm CST

Your Home!

$20 Only

Computer with an Internet Connection
Grades 5th and above.
No Prior Coding Experience is Needed.

Sign-up for our intro class below at a time that is convenient to you.


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