Responsibilities of a Volunteer Mentor

  • You will be mentoring a group of 5-8 middle and high school students working on a technology enabled solution for a problem they perceive.
  • Most teams would be working on problem definition, validating it, vetting solutions, value-proposition, sketching, wireframing etc. Helping them think through validating the problem will be a big part of help.
  • Time will be extremely limited for the team and hence coaching them to utilize their time effectively to work on the core aspect of the problem and the solution will help the team tremendously.
  • The team will have 3-minutes to present towards the end of the day. Helping them package their work and communicate to judges would be helpful to the team.
  • Ability to work with kids and coach them along in a positive way is the most important requirement.



Hackathon Volunteers

  • Share with us your area of interest or expertise so we can best utilize your help at the Hackathon.





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