Your students will enjoy and benefit from having a fun, hands-on introduction to real-world coding. Let us teach them a FREE 1-hour introduction to HTML and CSS. Signup below.

During this 1-Hour workshop, your students will

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Our Voluntary STEM Outreach Program
With this voluntary outreach program, we hope to encourage more students to pursue coding and STEM related fields. Thank you for supporting our mission.

How it works?

1. We teach a 1-hour coding class for your students. The class is taught by a live instructor in a virtual classroom. It is an innovative new format and students enjoy learning through a virtual classroom.

2. Each session can have a maximum of 24-students. If you have more than 24-students, then we can provide you a sign-up form for interested students to register (recommended) or you can do multiple sessions.

3. Each student needs access to a computer or a laptop (chromebooks are fine). Students need a headphone so they can hear the instructor. If the headphone has a microphone, they can ask questions directly. Otherwise, they can ask questions via text chat.

4. You fill out the form below with a suggested date/time with a few additional details. We will review and email back to confirm and co-ordinate details. We respond to all requests.

They learn to write real-world code…

…to build a fun, web-comic!

Frequently Asked Questions


What technology do we need at the school?
Each students needs their own computer, laptop or chromebook. Students need a headphone so they can hear the instructor.

What grades is this workshop for?
This workshop is ideal for students in grades 5th to 8th. No prior coding experience is necessary.

Is there any cost for this?
No. It is offered free of cost to public schools. It is an volunteering effort to encourage more students to pursue STEM careers.

Who will teach the class?
Our expert instructors will teach the class through a virtual classroom. They bring a good blend of teaching skills and expertise in coding.

Are any special software that is needed?
No. Workshop students will be using our browser-based code editor to write real-code. They don’t need to download or install special software.

Does the student need prior coding experience?
No. This workshop is for absolute beginners so anyone can attend. Some basic familiarity with the keyboard can help enhance the experience.

How many students can be in the workshop?
We can accommodate a maximum of 24-students per session. If you have more than that, you can offer a signup sheet or do multiple sessions.

Can students use tablets?
Unfortunately no. Because they will be writing typed-code and seeing their work in real-time, they need a computer or laptop with a separate keyboard.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

#1 – Estimate # of Students

If you have more than 24-students, decide if you want to provide a sign-up sheet for interested students or want to offer multiple sessions to cover all your students.

#2 – Decide Date & Time

Decide the date and time you want to offer this class. It can be either during school time or after-school. It needs about 7-10 days lead-time to do it well.

#3 – Fill up the form below

Fill out the class request form below with tentative plans. We will review and get back to you with next steps. You can then receive necessary approval and confirm back.

Complete Class Request Form Below

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